What is NamasteNeemrana?
NamasteNeemrana is about bringing the world a little closer together. We discover the best designs from artisans and craftsmen from countries around the world, and deliver them at exceptional value to our members.

What's up with that name?
Namaste Neemrana? Our business was started which was named Namaste after the greeting which was so often extended by us to our artisans. Some say it simply means "Hello," but a better translation, perhaps, is "I greet the spirit within you.". We opened our very first showroom from Neemrana,hence the tribute. And named “NamasteNeemrana”.Greet Thee…Celebrate your LifeStyle!

Where does NamasteNeemrana get its products?
NamasteNeemrana sources products directly from artisans and craftsmen around India. We guarantee the authenticity of each and every product we sell.


How do NamasteNeemrana's events work?
Every month, NamasteNeemrana may launch one or two new events about amazing products from around India. Our products span across various categories and price points, so there's something for everyone!

Our finds are typically one of a kind, or extremely limited quantities, so if you like something, it's a good idea to log on as early as possible.

How will I learn about new events?
NamasteNeemrana members receive a daily email newsletter with information about the day's new stories. Members will also receive push notifications on their iPad application.

What if an item is Sold Out?
If an item appears as OUT OF STOCK, it means there are unfortunately none left to buy. Members can opt to click “Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock”. We will get back to you and tell you when the unit will be available, but no guarantees!


How can I check the status of my order?
To check the status of your order, log on to www.NamasteNeemrana.com and go to the My Orders section under My Account. When items in your order ship, we will add tracking information to this page. We will also email you when there is a status update to your order.

What are the payment options at NamasteNeemrana?
NamasteNeemrana accepts Visa and MasterCard. Customers can also choose to pay cash on delivery, if option available on your PIN code.

Does NamasteNeemrana charge sales tax?
All taxes are a part of the prices you see on the site. What you see is what you pay.


How does NamasteNeemrana ship products?
We ship products to you directly from the source country, as fast as we can. All of our products pass through our quality assurance facility before we package it and ship it off to you. Some of the items we sell are handmade upon purchase, which can increase the shipping time. Please make sure to check the "Shipping Info" on the product screen to see the item's estimated arrival.

What are NamasteNeemrana's shipping rates?
Please refer to out Shipping section to learn about shipping rates.


What is NamasteNeemrana's return policy?
We're a friendly bunch, and we know that sometimes you might just have a change of heart. Our Return Policy  can help clarify how to go about returning items in your order. You can also  email us if you have any questions, and we'll do everything we can to help.

What if I have a problem with an item that is not retainable?
Give us a shout, and I'm sure we can work something out. We want to make life easier for you.


What if I forget my password?
Easy. Tap on the question mark icon in the Password field when you load the iPad application. If you have any trouble, please contact the NamasteNeemrana Care team.

How do I change my username or email address?
Once you log into the iPad application, tap on the Settings icon, and then tap on Account Info

How can I change my email settings?
You can control the emails you receive on your Email Preferences  screen, found after tapping the Settings icon.