Namaste Neemrana is one of the upcoming largest online destinations for the fashion & home.

Our Story

Namaste was inspired while travelling to Rajasthan in search of adventure and meeting local people, artisans and seeing them makingunique art piece and how they surviving on their traditional art. . It makes us feelto extend them our greetingsand to appreciatetheir workmanship.But that was not enough.

A concept developed around the idea that in the world of machine precision finished goods, the importance and charm of handmade product still dominates the market. People still appreciate and prefer to buy hand-made products. There are people who have mastered the art, but lack the ability to bring the product to the right place or the right person. Something should be done to bridge that gap. From there an idea came up to start a company to give a platform to artisans to promote & sell their traditional crafts and make available the unique craft piece to the world from a single platform.

Lives were changed when we opened our 1stoff-line store inNeemrana and named NamasteNeemranaafter the greeting which was so often extended to artisans & people. Some say it simply means "Hello," or “Greet thee” but a better translation, perhaps, is "I greet the spirit within you.".

About Us

NamasteNeemrana is a lifestyle industry upcoming leader providing a diverse of India Crafts throughout the world. It is a retail brand of its parent company Sankh Care Craft, a renowned manufacturer exporter since 1998 with head office based in Neemrana, Rajasthan. NamasteNeemrana sets the standard in innovative design and development of decorative and functional lifestyle products to meet both the décor and giftware needs of today’s savviest consumer.

Our Mission

NamasteNeemrana aims to bring craft based rural producers to modern urban marketsand preserving India's traditional handicrafts in the process.

We aim to delight our customers with our products by interpreting them with our rich heritage and traditional knowledge, while protecting the natural environment and to bringing the world little closer.

NamasteNeemrana is committed to providing our customers with innovative, original and artist-driven products of the highest quality that reflect consumer tastes, industry trends and timeless traditions; and to deliver each product to our valued customers in a timely manner and at a competitive price.

NamasteNeemrana is committed to treating each customer with respect and dignity; to be responsive to their individual needs; to stand behind every product we sell; and to do everything within our power to ensure customer satisfaction.

NamasteNeemrana is further committed to our most important asset – our employees – and to providing them with a safe, creative and rewarding environment in which to grow and succeed.

We “Greet oursuppliers, artisans, customers, employees, everybody…to Celebrate their Lifestyle”.

Our Mission -  “Greet thee..Celebrate your Lifestyle!

All NamasteNeemrana products are traded fairly

NamasteNeemrana is still a relatively small business with a strong ethical policy at its core. We are not perfect but we believe our policies are consistent and transparent. We aim to buy from small scale producers who use largely natural materials and traditional techniques to produce beautiful and interesting articles. All NamasteNeemrana products are fairly traded. We believe that the best way to reduce poverty is through trade.

At the core of NamasteNeemrana are our suppliers with whom we work very closely. Our criteria for passing them as fair trade producers and hence suitable business partners are based on fair trade guidelines.

Our philosophy is simple; fantastic, ethically sourced and yet commercial products to maximise sales and therefore maximise benefits to both our suppliers and customers.

The Namaste Neemrana Team


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